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Concert photography is my main thing, but I do all sorts of photography. If you have any ideas of what you want, feel free to contact me :') 

work i can do:

- shooting concerts  

- touring 

- portraits of any kind

- album art 

- music and lyric videos

- photo editing

- etc (rlly anything i'm a broke artist bruh)

fUn FaCts abt me (bc i'm sure ur all wondering):

- way too into emo revival 

- nascar aloe spit in my mouth and i got the flu as a result

- i'm a scorpio 

- my cat is named chloe after that modern baseball song and my guinea pig is named i wish modern baseball would come back (we call him mobo for short)

- chaotic neutral(?? or am i)

- i got a heart knuckle tat bc of the song heart tattoo by joyce manor

- i don't like taking myself too srsly as if that wasn't already obvious