Mental Illness Series

A few months ago, I did a series of self portraits based on mental illnesses for a prompt inspired project, I chose the prompt "what lies beneath". I felt that mental illness fit this prompt because you can't see what someone is going through internally. Part of why I did this was to represent some mental illnesses that aren't as well known, but I still did some of the more well known and common disorders. While some pictures go with specific disorders, others are more vague and could fit in as symptoms of various illnesses. The middle photo in the top column is based on how challenging it can be to speak, even when you have so much to say while suffering from any certain mental illness(es). The final image is based on a tendency to push people away, sometimes it seems/feels like it will be easier to cut the ties yourself. It isn't uncommon for some people with certain mental disorders to have identity issues, which is what inspired the photo saying "sometimes, I don't even know who I am" and the photo with an X over my face. Trichotillomania, compulsive hair pulling or ripping, and dermatillomania, compulsive skin picking, are two illnesses I chose to show because I don't think they are very well known despite how serious and debilitating they can be. I apologize if any of the information included in this post is incorrect, this is simply based on my understanding and basic research of these illnesses, I am not a professional. I also apologize if some (or all) of this is incoherent, I am not always great with words.

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